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Tony Roma’s-quick review

I was traveling through MN and we decided to stop at Mall of America.

We walked around the mall for a while and ended up just buying something from best buy. Besides the indoor carnival the mall really isn’t that impressive.

So after we wasted a few hours walking around I built up an appetite.

We went to the food area and I found Tony Roma’s. I looked at the menu and it had a few steak options on it. It also said they were famous for their steaks. Well here goes nothing. I order the strip and I asked does the chef cook dead on? or should I order a little more rare? She

actually told me to order a little rare. That’s not a good sign. So I order it mid-rare. The restaurant was set up just as you would expect a mall restaurant to look like with the service to match. After a little wait the dish comes. I take a few bites and I’m realizing that the

outside of the steak is burnt to a crisp and the inside is mid-rare. Here we go again I was thinking. So I’m starving I end up eating more than half. It was decently seasoned. But defiantly should have just got a burger and fries. Something that they couldn’t mess up.

This will not be on our recommended list and we’ll probably not return.

Again most places do not cook a decent steak. They are a rare find.

Taste- ** mid-rare
Atmosphere- **
Service- **


Gepperth’s Meat Market


Prime and Provisions

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  1. Same as Lizzie, I ate here a couple of years ago and it was fabulous.No dropping of lights. Consistently good service. No trickery attempt to get us to order more drinks.And all the 12 dishes my sister and I ordered and shared, plus the complimentary additional courses, were very good, many were exc.tlenleWhat a shame that it may have gone down hill.

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