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The Grange-Ann Arbor, MI


The Grange is our favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor for all food other than steak.  We’ve been here 6

times and theres never been a steak on the menu, I was very excited to see one.

I broke our cardinal rule!  About not ordering a steak from a menu that offers only one because their

food has always been so good.  I was desperately craving a steak and I had to break all rules.  It was

acceptable but not recommendable.  The steak was great but not up to par with our tastes or the

quality of the rest of the food that we got from here before.  The chef hand picks all of their meats

and vegetables by season from local farms, so I expected a lot more.  I was probably spoiled

because a week earlier I had eaten at Jeff Rubys, but I still didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected.  It

goes to show so far there has never been an exception to our rules.  The drink menu and other food

is amazing but this is a steak blog and we cannot judge anything but our love for steaks.  We make

these mistakes so you dont have to.  “I will fall on my sword”

We rate this:

Medium Rare


Jeff Ruby’s


Gibsons Steakhouse

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  1. This arictle went ahead and made my day.

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