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We went to St Elmos I’ve heard so much about.

Was in the dead of winter. A little late for the post.

They have been in business for over 100 years.

We had the strip and filet, also the ‘famous’ shrimp cocktail. That was way to hot and when my

mouth was burning they decided to grab my water and fill it up. You know I really hate when they

constantly fill your water 4,5 or more times during the dinner. So after they topped off my water

with out asking me for more I finally put out the fire in my mouth. Don’t get the stupid shrimp just

go with the steak.

Alright so the steak comes and I usually get a dirty dry martini with blue cheese olives in it. My cut the NY Strip comes.

I cut it open perfect medium cooked. Was delicious, almost perfectly grilled and juicy. It better

be they’ve been doing it forever. My date had the filet and completely enjoyed it. Standard sides the

potatoes and beans. I will definitely go back. This is one of the best. The only thing wrong was I did

get one or two chewy bites that I spit out in my napkin. I know this happens with steak but its always

a minor inconvenience.

The restaurant was nice and looked like a traditional old time steakhouse. The staff were nice and

the hostesses where really good looking.

We’ll be back soon and I’ll update you.

***** Well done 4.6 Stars

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