The worst steak I’ve ever had!!

I was in Mt Pleasant MI for business and I decided to stop at the casino for a quick roll and a steak.

The good news was I won $20.  The bad news… the worst steak in the world.  I asked a couple

employees which restaurant in here can I go to get a steak?  One gentleman said how much are you

willing to spend.  I said whatever.  So now Im excited thinking this is going to be great! This is where

the high rollers must eat.  I was there around 2pm.  I look at the menu and their steak selection was

pretty weak.  I was also the youngest there by about 30 years.  I asked the waitress if they had the NY

strip she said it was on the dinner menu and they could make it special for me.  I ordered it medium and

figured if it was undercooked I could sent it back real quick.  I also asked for their scotch list and she

actually wrote down the scotch list on a receipt paper.  This was unreal and unprofessional.


When steak came it was unrecognizable.  There were canned onions on top and veggies that came 

from a bag.  The steak was so well done it tasted like a hamburger, I was so disgusted and I told the 

waitress that it wasn’t that great either.  This was the most insulting and disgusting dry steak Ive ever 

eaten in my life.  I will never return, even if I’m in that two horse town and its the only place open to eat.  

Its probably acceptable for the small town folk in mid-Michigan, but for a steak blogger… I dont think 

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