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Pacific Rim – Ann Arbor

No pics-not worth it.
Wanted to post a quick one.

Came here because we couldn’t get reservations at the local steak house.
This is a great restaurant for fish and Asian food and even though they have a couple steaks on the
menu I wouldn’t recommend either. We realized we’re going to get a steak anywhere we go and sometimes we have to face the fact that we’re heading for disappointment. Don’t hate us for breaking our own rules. We do this for you.

Ocean Prime – Indy


We were in Indianapolis at the mall and I didn’t buy anything, I just wanted a steak when we were done shopping. We decided to go to Ocean Prime. We’ve been there before and had the crab legs, when we were there before the waitress told us to come back and try the steak. She said the the Prime in their name was for prime steak.
So thats what we did. Now again I know the rules, this is a chain, and they’re not known for their steaks. But I have to try every place that I see and I have to review them. I wasn’t expecting a great meal but I really wanted a steak so lets give it a try.

We got there and I ordered a drink. 20 minuets later the waiter came over and finally took our order. I went with the 10oz. filet medium. I knew when I ordered it was going to be over cooked. I just knew it, when you’re in a place you can get a vibe from the room and the menu. I was frustrated that it took so long to take my order, I just wanted to get the order in and the food to the table. When I was waiting for the steak we got a shrimp cocktail to take the edge off. It was decent.

So the steak comes and guess what… the steak was mid-well. I showed my wife, and a couple of the waiters came over and agreed it was over cooked. It wasn’t juicy or bloody at all. They said they would cook a new one no problem. I knew this would happen, everywhere I go that has steak and isn’t an established steakhouse or is a chain there is always a problem. So the waiter comes over and gives us a free round of drinks. Honestly Im feeling a lot better now. Drinks are $10-12.

The steak comes back and yes its a medium even a little more rare. I start eating it and it’s fine. Not amazing, not great, but fine. It wasn’t juicy or succulent it was an average filet. It was red all the way through and rare in the middle. The cooking on this one was acceptable. The presentation wasn’t the greatest. I really don’t mind but I just found it odd that there wasn’t a garnish or anything, it just looked different. The edges were the most cooked as is usual. I started there and worked my way to the middle. It was a bit chewy and I had to spit out 2 little pieces. It went down well but it was just too chewy. You could tell that it was a steak at a seafood restaurant. I ate the whole thing as well as the side of broccoli that I ordered. Really, Ill probably go back but I’ll stick with the shellfish there is no reason to get steak from there.

I rate this ***


The over cooked



The waiter shined his flashlight on it and knew it was over cooked.


The re-cooked

Gibsons Steakhouse



We made reservations to get into Gibsons Chicago. Located in the Gold Coast. This is the bar where the TV show The League is based. We arrived a little early so we grabbed a beer at the bar and stood around the piano. We walked in and it looked like an old time steak house, the pictures of all the celebrities that dined there, the wood panels on the wall and the piano player.
We could barely stand because it was jam packed on a weekday.

We get seated and were greeted by our waiter, Elvis. He immediately brings out a selection of steaks. A rib eye, strip, porterhouse and a huge lobster tail. He explains how they cook them; they usually undercook a little, which is great because most places over cook. He went into describing where the cuts come from on the cow and the different toppings we can put on them. The steaks were right in our face and they were huge, I decided to get the 19oz. NY Strip and my friend the 22oz. Ribeye. I ordered a martini to be brought with the meal. We decided not to get them topped with anything; we just want to taste the meat flavor.


We had the mushroom soup and salad while we waited. The soup was very creamy, it tasted great. It was a taste of what’s to come. While we waited for the steaks there were a lot of birthdays being celebrated here and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Then the steaks come out with a twice-baked potato and brussel sprouts.
I cut open my strip and it was cooked just under medium. I started to eat, the outside was crispy, and inside soft, and the seasonings went well with the taste. The main thing that I noticed was the outside that was charred blended well with the soft inside. It all flowed together, I’ve had steaks at other places where it tasted like two different steaks at once, but again this actually blended well together.

I was almost half way through my steak and I realized I still had a full martini I didn’t even touch. I was so consumed with my steak that I didn’t even sip my favorite drink. I had to remind myself that I had a drink too. A few more bites and my buddy and I looked at each other and said ‘This is pretty damn good!’ What I like about NY cuts is that there is a nice slice of fat on one side. When it is cooked properly and you bite into the fat it tastes like bacon, and it sure did.



Elvis comes back and asks us how everything is and we tell him its great. We asked who prepared it and he told us the chefs name, which I forgot, but we bought the chef a beer. We offered Elvis one too but he declined. I really hope the chef cracked the beer back there on a break because he definitely deserved it. This was the only time I offered to buy a beer for the person who prepared my steak. It was that good.

My friend ate the entire ribeye I had some left and I got it to go, along with some of the brussel sprouts. The next day for breakfast I put the steak in my cast iron skillet and heated up the sprouts too. Still was great in the morning.

This was a great experience and the service was great which is almost as important as the steak. The bill was less than we though it was well under $200, we gave Elvis a 28% tip and told him we’d definitely be back.

Atmosphere: *****

5* Well Done!


The Grange-Ann Arbor, MI


The Grange is our favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor for all food other than steak.  We’ve been here 6

times and theres never been a steak on the menu, I was very excited to see one.

I broke our cardinal rule!  About not ordering a steak from a menu that offers only one because their

food has always been so good.  I was desperately craving a steak and I had to break all rules.  It was

acceptable but not recommendable.  The steak was great but not up to par with our tastes or the

quality of the rest of the food that we got from here before.  The chef hand picks all of their meats

and vegetables by season from local farms, so I expected a lot more.  I was probably spoiled

because a week earlier I had eaten at Jeff Rubys, but I still didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected.  It

goes to show so far there has never been an exception to our rules.  The drink menu and other food

is amazing but this is a steak blog and we cannot judge anything but our love for steaks.  We make

these mistakes so you dont have to.  “I will fall on my sword”

We rate this:

Medium Rare

Jeff Ruby’s

We went to Cincinnati last weekend and had dinner at JEFF RUBYS STEAKHOUSE.  This is located downtown Cincinnati.  You must make reservations here especially on the weekends.  The restaurant was packed but we did have a table.  Jeffs is famous for having amazing steaks and I quickly learned why. We ordered the NY Strip and the filet, had a couple martinis, wine, and a local beer.  The wine list is extensive.  While we waited for dinner.  The steaks came in a timely manner.  We ordered potatoes and asparagus as sides.  We ordered ours medium.  When the steaks came I quickly cut it open and saw it was perfectly cooked.  As I took my first bite I realized that this was quite possibly one of the best steaks that I have ever eaten in my life.  It seemed to have a different texture on the outsides than in.  Our theory is that they put it on the grill for a short amount of time and finished it off in the oven.  It was so crisp on the outside and smooth on the inside.  It melted in my mouth.  The service was great and drinks came quick.  I highly recommend this restaurant and will be returning there soon!  The total for 2 steaks, 2 sides and about 6 drinks was around $240.

-Well Done
*****  5stars!




Soaring Eagle Casino

The worst steak I’ve ever had!!

I was in Mt Pleasant MI for business and I decided to stop at the casino for a quick roll and a steak.

The good news was I won $20.  The bad news… the worst steak in the world.  I asked a couple

employees which restaurant in here can I go to get a steak?  One gentleman said how much are you

willing to spend.  I said whatever.  So now Im excited thinking this is going to be great! This is where

the high rollers must eat.  I was there around 2pm.  I look at the menu and their steak selection was

pretty weak.  I was also the youngest there by about 30 years.  I asked the waitress if they had the NY

strip she said it was on the dinner menu and they could make it special for me.  I ordered it medium and

figured if it was undercooked I could sent it back real quick.  I also asked for their scotch list and she

actually wrote down the scotch list on a receipt paper.  This was unreal and unprofessional.


When steak came it was unrecognizable.  There were canned onions on top and veggies that came 

from a bag.  The steak was so well done it tasted like a hamburger, I was so disgusted and I told the 

waitress that it wasn’t that great either.  This was the most insulting and disgusting dry steak Ive ever 

eaten in my life.  I will never return, even if I’m in that two horse town and its the only place open to eat.  

Its probably acceptable for the small town folk in mid-Michigan, but for a steak blogger… I dont think 

  • * 1 star



Knight’s in Ann Arbor
Went there for a happy hour steak.  This place was packed!
I kept hearing about this place, really wanted to check it out.
We were the youngest people there by about 30 years!
After about a beer wait we were seated.  I went right for the NY Strip and my hetero partner got the Filet.  We received the steaks with veggie and frys on the side.
We order our steaks mid-mid well.  There was some nice fat on the edge of my strip that went down well.  When I got almost half way through it I realized that it a little over cooked.  Which leads to our next rule: You can always send it back easily if its undercooked.  Well I got through it and it didn’t ruin the day.  After all that I would rate this steak…
Medium Plus!


We went to Deleece in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood last week.  I recommend reservations, which we had.  The place was absolutely packed all with well mannered and polite people.  Was very clean and well lit.  Thats great but Ill get to the point.  I decided to get the NY strip.  I ordered it medium.  It was a decent meal.  As you can see from the pics it was a little under-cooked and it was actually a bit too chewy.  It was an average steak, it seemed that it was cooked too much on the outside and under cooked inside.  It came with gravy on top, onions and mashed potatoes.  Overall I would rate this a…

A few quick tips

We should all know that we never order a steak “well-done”

Don’t eat steak at chain steak houses.  You know like the ones that pop up off the expressway, like Lone Star, Texas Roadhouse, Etc.

Another tip that will come in handy is if the restaurant only offers 1 steak it probably won’t be that good.  Sometimes in a pinch you have to do what you have to.  But if you can, avoid theses menus!

If you have to use A1 sauce this means the steak is horrible.  If you ask for A1 sauce at a nice restaurant not only will you embarrass yourself but they might ask you to leave!  Besides if you do use steak sauce you probably dont even know what a good steak is!

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