We were in Indianapolis at the mall and I didn’t buy anything, I just wanted a steak when we were done shopping. We decided to go to Ocean Prime. We’ve been there before and had the crab legs, when we were there before the waitress told us to come back and try the steak. She said the the Prime in their name was for prime steak.
So thats what we did. Now again I know the rules, this is a chain, and they’re not known for their steaks. But I have to try every place that I see and I have to review them. I wasn’t expecting a great meal but I really wanted a steak so lets give it a try.

We got there and I ordered a drink. 20 minuets later the waiter came over and finally took our order. I went with the 10oz. filet medium. I knew when I ordered it was going to be over cooked. I just knew it, when you’re in a place you can get a vibe from the room and the menu. I was frustrated that it took so long to take my order, I just wanted to get the order in and the food to the table. When I was waiting for the steak we got a shrimp cocktail to take the edge off. It was decent.

So the steak comes and guess what… the steak was mid-well. I showed my wife, and a couple of the waiters came over and agreed it was over cooked. It wasn’t juicy or bloody at all. They said they would cook a new one no problem. I knew this would happen, everywhere I go that has steak and isn’t an established steakhouse or is a chain there is always a problem. So the waiter comes over and gives us a free round of drinks. Honestly Im feeling a lot better now. Drinks are $10-12.

The steak comes back and yes its a medium even a little more rare. I start eating it and it’s fine. Not amazing, not great, but fine. It wasn’t juicy or succulent it was an average filet. It was red all the way through and rare in the middle. The cooking on this one was acceptable. The presentation wasn’t the greatest. I really don’t mind but I just found it odd that there wasn’t a garnish or anything, it just looked different. The edges were the most cooked as is usual. I started there and worked my way to the middle. It was a bit chewy and I had to spit out 2 little pieces. It went down well but it was just too chewy. You could tell that it was a steak at a seafood restaurant. I ate the whole thing as well as the side of broccoli that I ordered. Really, Ill probably go back but I’ll stick with the shellfish there is no reason to get steak from there.

I rate this ***



The over cooked



The waiter shined his flashlight on it and knew it was over cooked.


The re-cooked