Wow was I deceived. We went to this French restaurant for lunch; it’s in this amazing building that’s on the National Historic Register. Its in Lincoln Park Chicago and the area is so nice, right across from a flower park too. I though this place is going to be great.

Again with great expectations I always have great disappointments. We went in and the place was packed. I looked at the menu and a lot of it was written in French. The waitress comes to our table and tells us about a steak and egg special that they have. We both decided to get that cooked Medium.

Right after I ordered I thought I should have gone Mid-Rare because I had a strange feeling they were going to over cook.

So we waited for about 20 minutes and I asked the waitress if she had escargot. She said she’d check if they had any for lunch and they usually just have it for dinner. I told her its fine either way. So let me translate that for you – “We have some but we usually don’t have any thawed out until dinner time, let me see if they have any in the freezer that they can throw in the oven real quick.”

I knew I was in for it. So about 5 minutes later the steak comes, total wait time about 25. I cut into it and it was damn near well done. I couldn’t believe it, my wife cut hers and it was well done too.

We look at each other like of course this is happening. We were starving so we started eating. There was no flavor and it was very dry. They were soft and I could chew it, probably because it was the filet cut. But no juice coming out what so ever. Then just maybe 2-3 minuets later the escargot comes out. How was it prepared so fast? I knew they just took them out of the freezer and straight to the oven. That’s exactly what it tasted like. So I’m sure that’s what happened.

While I was in there I didn’t see one French person in the entire place. I know there aren’t French people cooking this food. Its probably American or Mexican born people. I have been to France before and this is not authentic food.

I couldn’t even finish the steak, so I try the fries and even they are over cooked. The French Fries in a French restaurant were over cooked! (Yes I know they call them frites). They were not tasty at all.

I tell the waitress about all this and she says “I’ll let the cook know.” She comes back and says “We can give you a complementary desert.” I say great. Ok I’m feeling better now, I get a crème brulee to go. I understand it has to be baked in that circle baking dish. But we get it to go and it looks like the cook just picked it up and threw it in the container. We get home and I take a bite of it and it tasted like Jello tapioca pudding.

I am so disappointed in this place, we’ve wanted to go here for a while and always drive pass it. It was such a build up, and ended up being a total let down.
Never going back.