I’m in lafayette again and I’m looking forward to getting a steak. I find out this city has only one steak house. We make reservations at McGraws and were able to get in at 9pm.
place was located on a long and windy road that was pitch black. We find it, and walked in to the place packed. Great, this must be good, or its the only place in town. We were seated and already knew what we wanted I got the NY strip mid-rare because I wanted a little taste of fat around the cut and my wife got the 8oz. filet mid-well.

I asked what the vegetable of the day was and the waiter told me it was a veggie mix. I immediately knew that it was pre-packaged and it came from a bag. You can tell right away if you’re at a quality dinning establishment when you order the salad or veggies. If they look like the bag you get at Kroger where everything is mixed from the factory and the mixed veggies are all cut the exact same. Or if the steamed vegetables come mixed and you don’t have a choice of what kind you want. Its probably not that great of a restaurant.

We order and I get the veggies and she gets the fries. I’m in panic mode, I’m sure I’ll be disappointed. The food comes and I cut the steak open and it was cooked proper. Take a couple bites, its ok but I realized its not heavily seasoned, and not juicy at all. When you order a mid-rare shouldn’t it be juicy and bloody? Theres something wrong with this. I take a few bites and its getting really stringy and I have to spit a few pieces out. Now proper manners I spit it in my napkin, but after a few times of having to do this, Im just pulling it out of my mouth and putting it on my plate. I’m pretty upset and the waiter hasn’t come by to check on us yet. There wasn’t even any good fat around the edges to bite on. Which for me defeats the whole point of getting a strip. I take a couple bites of the veggies and just as I suspected, not that good. They were definitely from a bag. I push the plate to the side, and drink my beer which is making me even colder because we were near a back door. So I don’t drink anymore and my steak is dry. I wait for my wife to finish and I know she never finishes her meal or drinks.

I start eating her filet. It was alright actually not great but alright. So I have a few bites of hers and the waited finally comes over I tell him mine was stringy, and dry. He apologizes and takes my plate.
We ask for the bill and I start eating the fries my wife got. They were thick steak cut fries which are usually amazing, just load them up with salt right? Im eating them and can’t believe they weren’t even fully cooked either!

The bill finally comes and he took the strip off the bill I still tip him well and just want to get out of there. We were cold and disappointed from the meal.

Well we learned a few things. You can tell a lot from the restaurant just by talking to the waiter.

He didn’t introduce himself
He didn’t tell us anything about the menu
When you ask about the vegetables if they’re premixed you know you’re in trouble.
I don’t think the waiter wanted to be there.
Also I’ve made this mistake before (Mt. Pleasant, MI) if you’re in a 2 horse town they probably don’t have a good steak house. Just go and get a burger or cook at home.

I should have taken pics but I didnt

I give this **