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Gene & Georgetti

So we decided to try a new steak house. There’s a place in River North which is basically downtown Chicago. I’ve been meaning to try this place and have drove by it many times. It’s called Gean and Georgetti.

And it’s been around since 1941. Imagine that. Opening a business during WW2.

Any way it’s been a Chicago staple for a long time. We walk in and have reservations on a Friday night. Jam packed. 8pm. We wait about 15 minutes and our seat is ready.

This place is real old school. Wood panel on the walls and all types of old Chicagoans in there. This is a real steakhouse. The atmosphere you would expect to see.

The waiter comes to the table and doesn’t introduce himself. He had an accent that I couldn’t place. My friend said the waiter might be Italian. I don’t know. But he didn’t give the service we’re accustom to like Mohammed or Elvis from Gibsons.

He just said are you ready to order?

We decided on splitting a large porterhouse I think it was 42oz

and a side of asparagus.

We decided to go Medium Rare.

I ask the waiter describe the mid-rare

Meaning is the chef dead on? Will it be bright red in the middle? Every chef is going to be a little different.

He simply says red in middle.

I look at my friend like what? That’s it?

No description? My friend who has been here many times says don’t worry it will be good.

So I’m drinking the house Cab, and waiting for the steak to be served.

The waiter comes out w a salad. We start eating it and it’s basically all lettuce. Didn’t taste that great so I just had a few bites.

And finally the steak comes

With the side of asparagus and an extra side of fried potatoes which comes with every meal.

The porterhouse was Not cut into pieces which I was expecting. So we cut off the filet and cut it in two. The filet was pretty small. But once we bit into it we understood why this place was so popular. It was charred perfectly on the outside and a perfect mid rare on the inside.

When you bite into it, the charr and seasoning on the outside blend perfectly with the taste of the softness inside. The filet didn’t last long just 2-3 bites for each of us, that was a little disappointing especially because it was so good and juicy.

Onward to the strip we started cutting pieces off of it and the flavor blended perfectly a few bites in and it started getting a little chewy and slightly stringy. We ended up spitting a few small pieces out that just weren’t chewable. But with a strip this does happen often. The taste was still amazing however not as soft as strips that I’ve had a places like Jeff Ruby’s in Cincinnati.

We had to take a break, we we getting full. However we decided we weren’t done yet. We started cutting off more small pieces. I think the line of the night came when my friend said “The closer to the bone you get, the better it is” and that was the truth!

We started cutting it really close and it was tasting really tender. Basically like we were eating buttery meat. We picked the bone dry; there was nothing left.

I finished my last wine and we were done. This was very satisfying.

The key takeaways from this meal were that

The service could have been more personal.

The filet could have been bigger than a few bites

The meal was amazing

Meat was very soft and tender

Flavor and the charr around the steak blended perfect.

The steak house itself was extremely busy, jam packed.

I would highly recommend this


Prime and Provisions


Abe & Louie’s – Boston

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  1. Greetings! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the great job!

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