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Eddie Merlos

We went to Eddie Merlos in Cincinnati, OH. We were told it was one of the best and the chef from Jeff Rubys started it. So I had to give it a try. Now I don’t know who actually owns it or runs it but I guess it doesn’t really matter. We obviously had reservations and got there a bit early to have some martinis. I had a couple drinks and the hostess comes up to my date and I and tells us our tables ready. Great, I said. I wanted to cash out at the bar and grab another olive so I did. I turned back around and the hostess was gone. What the hell? We waited around and took a few more sips of the drinks and finally we found a manager and told him what happened. He went and talked to her and told us there was a mix up. Whatever, I just want a steak but now I’m drunk and pissed off. So he takes us to our seats. Lets get to the point… I order the NY Strip my usual, and a salad (because I’m healthy).
The salad was just lettuce smothered in sauce.

The steak:

When the strip came I was so hungry, I ordered it medium as I usually do and I should have got mid-well. It was good not great. A bit stringy, but whenever this happens I always think I should have had it cooked longer. None the less it was too stringy and it came with a potato chip on the side, which I have never seen before.

Basically what I got out of this was a good steak, with a potato chip. A few good drinks, average service, and wishing I went to Jeff Rubys.

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Mon Ami Gabi


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