Theres a traditional butcher shop in Lincoln Park-Chicago called Gepperth’s Meat Market, its a German theme butcher on Halsted. I wanted to get a porterhouse to celebrate the election and because we’re leaving to travel Asia soon, and we can’t get good steaks there. I walked in and it’s just a small shop but they have all kinds of meats there and it’s a very traditional shop. I ordered the porterhouse and the butcher cut it for me, an inch thick. He then trimmed some of the fat. The price for just the steak $38.

When he got back home we put a little oil in our Staub cast iron skillet and got it heated up. When I put the steak in I didn’t put any salt or pepper on it yet. I had the skillet on the burner at about a 5 for 3-4 minutes each side, then I seasoned with salt and pepper on one side and put it in the broiler for 5 minutes. A couple reasons for this is you don’t want too much seasoning on the steak, you wont be able to taste the meat. Also if you just season one side the pan will be easier to clean because theres just a little oil or butter on the bottom side.

It came out perfect red all the way through. I put it on a cutting board and cut a few slices in the steak, I started doing that after I saw that in a restaurant. It makes it easier to grab, and you can check the color of the cooking. I put the steak back in the pan and put the pan in the middle of the table. Started with two slices of filet and two of the strip. The filet was so good and easy to chew with a perfect medium cook. With the skillet right there you can cut a piece of steak and rub it in the skillet to get some more of the juices on it. The filet part went quick and its obviously much smaller than the strip. Just a nice soft chew and flavorful. With it only being seasoned on one side you have a much better meat to seasoning ratio. It was a perfect mix and I could really taste the meat. The strip was great too, defiantly a different cut of steak and some of the fat had to be trimmed off, but it chewed well and out side of some of the fat it went down easy and tasty. We had sides of corn and asparagus, and a glass of Makers Mark. With this steak the two main delicious points are that it was a great cut of steak and quality meat. Also I cooked it properly in a professional skillet and for the perfect amount of time.

The steak was great and butcher was nice and has everything you need with quality meats.

Overall this is

**** Taste
4/5 Mid-well. Very good!