So I’m in Lafayette IN,

I found a local butcher that seemed legit so I gave them a try.

I got 2 NY Strips and a Porterhouse for next week.

Put them in a cast iron skillet which I highly recommend. We’ll talk about that later.

Bought some seasoning for the steak and some green beans.

The strips were pretty affordable, around $8

I’ve been here for a couple weeks and have been eating steak from Kroger. Again we’ll talk about that later.

So I got to work, seasoned the steak, boiled up the beans and cracked a beer.

Within a few minutes the steak was ready.

Straight to the plate and got to work, cooked around mid to mid-well.

Actually I was surprised, it tasted very good. A common problem I come across when I eat out or cook at home, the steak will get a little stringy and I’ll have to spit a bit out. This did happen a couple times but over all it was delicious. Was juicy enough and not over cooked. When you cook you have to watch it constantly. Ok so a lot comes down to the proper cooking technique and the seasoning you use. When I thought I was full I had to eat a little more. Also the green beans that I bought, they tasted so fresh its been a while since I tasted fresh beans like that.

Now considering my geographic region and my limited options this was a great treat.

There was a great selection at this butcher and I was impressed.

If you’re around Lafayette/Purdue Univ. check these guys out


**** 4 Stars mid-well!