The Steakbloggers are in Boston!

We had to hit the streets right away. We headed downtown and went to a Boston staple. Abe & Louie’s Steakhouse and it was an experience. It’s right in the middle of downtown near European style architecture and a bunch of great shopping for my wife. Also there was the hotel union protesters blocking the street and marching, just like they were doing in Chicago. Good thing we used Air BnB. But nothing too crazy came of it. The crowd marched by Boylston St. which is right where our steakhouse was.
We were there pretty early about 5pm on a weekend and we found it easy to find a table. Our waiter introduced himself, his name was Kenney. (Yes he spells it like that) He said he’s been there for over 15 years. Thats what you want in a waiter. Someone who is there as a career, not a college kid, but someone who takes it seriously.
We were looking over the wine and appetizers. He started making suggestions, which was helpful . We split a ceaser salad which was plenty for 2 people and we each got a glass of the Pinot from Sonoma. The salad came and it was great however I think mine had too much dressing on it, it was a little too liquidy. I still ate the whole plate though. Kenney poured our wine. It was amazing, very smooth tasting and not bitter and could barely taste the alcohol. The glasses went down quick. Kenney came by and asked if we were ready. I was thinking of the rib eye or Delmonico he suggested that the rib eye will have less fat. He was very helpful and he made a couple of jokes too. I told him give us a second and we’ll be ready.

He came back and we ordered The bone in rib-eye mid rare, the filet medium and a side of Brussel sprouts.
If you’ve been following the blog, we started with eating mid-well steaks and eventually worked our way down to mid-rare which is the best way to prepare them.

Kenney came back and checked up on us a couple times and made some jokes. We relaxed and sipped some wine and looked around. Most of the people in Downtown Boston like in Downtown anywhere are all tourists. We over heard a lot of people talking to the waiters saying where they’re from. The Steakhouse atmosphere was great though, there were wood paneled walls, and Remington sculptures at the front and back of the resturnt. It was the traditional American steakhouse look.

Our steaks came and they were thick and juicy. The steak knives were warm; fresh out of the dish washer. The rib eye that I got looked great, over an inch thick. I cut off a piece and tried it. It was alright, and I kept eating. It wasn’t as soft and chewy as I expected. The fat and salt and pepper didn’t blend and it just started tasting like a hunk of meat. I kept eating and realized its just a hard to chew cut. I had to press my jaws together hard, the meat just wasn’t tender. I don’t see why this happened, it looked fine, my wifes looked fine and was tender, but mine was just a hard chew. I started eating close to the bone and figured it would be tender there, but it just wasn’t. It didn’t taste too bad its just not what I expected there.
I ate half of it and got the rest to go.

The bill was $161 after tax. I made sure to leave 20% pre-tax tip. Because the service was great. Remember don’t tip on tax.
I always eat the rest of the steak the next morning. It makes for a good breakfast.

I do like this place and would even go back to try again. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

This part I need to vent a bit about the bathroom situation and an employee at the restaurant. When we were done eating I needed to use the bathroom. #2. I knocked on the stall door, which there was only one. Then opened it a bit. I see a guys back turned I say sorry, it was no big deal. But there were two urinals open, odd. I wait for him to exit and I see he’s wearing a black apron. He works here, I walk slowly to the stall to make sure he washes his hands. He did! Great, what a relief. But heres the horrible part. I get in the stall and lock the door. The seat is down, I saw him standing in the stall he was pissing with the seat down! Not only was he too lazy to lock the stall but he was too lazy to lift the seat up to piss! Now I really need to use the toilet but before I do I need to wipe this guys piss splatter off the seat so I can sit down. It took about 5-6 wipes and the whole time Im reminding myself that urine is sterile. It was still so disgusting. I write this as a warning and to show how lazy and thoughtless employees can be. So don’t be surprised after a huge steak dinner if the facilities aren’t the freshest.