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Abe & Louie’s – Boston

The Steakbloggers are in Boston!

We had to hit the streets right away. We headed downtown and went to a Boston staple. Abe & Louie’s Steakhouse and it was an experience. It’s right in the middle of downtown near European style architecture and a bunch of great shopping for my wife. Also there was the hotel union protesters blocking the street and marching, just like they were doing in Chicago. Good thing we used Air BnB. But nothing too crazy came of it. The crowd marched by Boylston St. which is right where our steakhouse was.
We were there pretty early about 5pm on a weekend and we found it easy to find a table. Our waiter introduced himself, his name was Kenney. (Yes he spells it like that) He said he’s been there for over 15 years. Thats what you want in a waiter. Someone who is there as a career, not a college kid, but someone who takes it seriously.
We were looking over the wine and appetizers. He started making suggestions, which was helpful . We split a ceaser salad which was plenty for 2 people and we each got a glass of the Pinot from Sonoma. The salad came and it was great however I think mine had too much dressing on it, it was a little too liquidy. I still ate the whole plate though. Kenney poured our wine. It was amazing, very smooth tasting and not bitter and could barely taste the alcohol. The glasses went down quick. Kenney came by and asked if we were ready. I was thinking of the rib eye or Delmonico he suggested that the rib eye will have less fat. He was very helpful and he made a couple of jokes too. I told him give us a second and we’ll be ready.

He came back and we ordered The bone in rib-eye mid rare, the filet medium and a side of Brussel sprouts.
If you’ve been following the blog, we started with eating mid-well steaks and eventually worked our way down to mid-rare which is the best way to prepare them.

Kenney came back and checked up on us a couple times and made some jokes. We relaxed and sipped some wine and looked around. Most of the people in Downtown Boston like in Downtown anywhere are all tourists. We over heard a lot of people talking to the waiters saying where they’re from. The Steakhouse atmosphere was great though, there were wood paneled walls, and Remington sculptures at the front and back of the resturnt. It was the traditional American steakhouse look.

Our steaks came and they were thick and juicy. The steak knives were warm; fresh out of the dish washer. The rib eye that I got looked great, over an inch thick. I cut off a piece and tried it. It was alright, and I kept eating. It wasn’t as soft and chewy as I expected. The fat and salt and pepper didn’t blend and it just started tasting like a hunk of meat. I kept eating and realized its just a hard to chew cut. I had to press my jaws together hard, the meat just wasn’t tender. I don’t see why this happened, it looked fine, my wifes looked fine and was tender, but mine was just a hard chew. I started eating close to the bone and figured it would be tender there, but it just wasn’t. It didn’t taste too bad its just not what I expected there.
I ate half of it and got the rest to go.

The bill was $161 after tax. I made sure to leave 20% pre-tax tip. Because the service was great. Remember don’t tip on tax.
I always eat the rest of the steak the next morning. It makes for a good breakfast.

I do like this place and would even go back to try again. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

This part I need to vent a bit about the bathroom situation and an employee at the restaurant. When we were done eating I needed to use the bathroom. #2. I knocked on the stall door, which there was only one. Then opened it a bit. I see a guys back turned I say sorry, it was no big deal. But there were two urinals open, odd. I wait for him to exit and I see he’s wearing a black apron. He works here, I walk slowly to the stall to make sure he washes his hands. He did! Great, what a relief. But heres the horrible part. I get in the stall and lock the door. The seat is down, I saw him standing in the stall he was pissing with the seat down! Not only was he too lazy to lock the stall but he was too lazy to lift the seat up to piss! Now I really need to use the toilet but before I do I need to wipe this guys piss splatter off the seat so I can sit down. It took about 5-6 wipes and the whole time Im reminding myself that urine is sterile. It was still so disgusting. I write this as a warning and to show how lazy and thoughtless employees can be. So don’t be surprised after a huge steak dinner if the facilities aren’t the freshest.

Gene & Georgetti

So we decided to try a new steak house. There’s a place in River North which is basically downtown Chicago. I’ve been meaning to try this place and have drove by it many times. It’s called Gean and Georgetti.

And it’s been around since 1941. Imagine that. Opening a business during WW2.

Any way it’s been a Chicago staple for a long time. We walk in and have reservations on a Friday night. Jam packed. 8pm. We wait about 15 minutes and our seat is ready.

This place is real old school. Wood panel on the walls and all types of old Chicagoans in there. This is a real steakhouse. The atmosphere you would expect to see.

The waiter comes to the table and doesn’t introduce himself. He had an accent that I couldn’t place. My friend said the waiter might be Italian. I don’t know. But he didn’t give the service we’re accustom to like Mohammed or Elvis from Gibsons.

He just said are you ready to order?

We decided on splitting a large porterhouse I think it was 42oz

and a side of asparagus.

We decided to go Medium Rare.

I ask the waiter describe the mid-rare

Meaning is the chef dead on? Will it be bright red in the middle? Every chef is going to be a little different.

He simply says red in middle.

I look at my friend like what? That’s it?

No description? My friend who has been here many times says don’t worry it will be good.

So I’m drinking the house Cab, and waiting for the steak to be served.

The waiter comes out w a salad. We start eating it and it’s basically all lettuce. Didn’t taste that great so I just had a few bites.

And finally the steak comes

With the side of asparagus and an extra side of fried potatoes which comes with every meal.

The porterhouse was Not cut into pieces which I was expecting. So we cut off the filet and cut it in two. The filet was pretty small. But once we bit into it we understood why this place was so popular. It was charred perfectly on the outside and a perfect mid rare on the inside.

When you bite into it, the charr and seasoning on the outside blend perfectly with the taste of the softness inside. The filet didn’t last long just 2-3 bites for each of us, that was a little disappointing especially because it was so good and juicy.

Onward to the strip we started cutting pieces off of it and the flavor blended perfectly a few bites in and it started getting a little chewy and slightly stringy. We ended up spitting a few small pieces out that just weren’t chewable. But with a strip this does happen often. The taste was still amazing however not as soft as strips that I’ve had a places like Jeff Ruby’s in Cincinnati.

We had to take a break, we we getting full. However we decided we weren’t done yet. We started cutting off more small pieces. I think the line of the night came when my friend said “The closer to the bone you get, the better it is” and that was the truth!

We started cutting it really close and it was tasting really tender. Basically like we were eating buttery meat. We picked the bone dry; there was nothing left.

I finished my last wine and we were done. This was very satisfying.

The key takeaways from this meal were that

The service could have been more personal.

The filet could have been bigger than a few bites

The meal was amazing

Meat was very soft and tender

Flavor and the charr around the steak blended perfect.

The steak house itself was extremely busy, jam packed.

I would highly recommend this

Prime and Provisions

We made reservations a month ago for a Christmas Eve dinner. We decided on Prime and Provisions on 222 N Lasalle, Chicago, IL. 60601. I’ve been there before and have been anxious to come back. We get there before our reservations and we sit at the bar and have a White Russian. We also order a shrimp cocktail with only 2 shrimp. The reason is because these shrimp were ranked Extra Colossal U/10; which means under 10 of these shrimp will equal 1 pound. They were huge and one of these was enough for an appetizer.

Our table was finally ready. We enter the dinning room and it was much more crowded than the bar area, it was very loud and it was jam packed. We though no one was here because of Christmas but the dinning room was full. Our waiter was Josh, we already knew what we wanted to eat but we ordered a martini and looked at the menu for some side dishes.

We ordered the 36 oz. Porterhouse, medium, a side of brussel sprouts with bacon and purple cauliflower. Josh explained that their steaks are all dry aged and cooked Pittsburg style; which means that they are char-broiled on the top and bottom. I thought that sounded great. I have had some steaks where they tried to do that and it turns out horrible, its like eating two things at once. But I had faith in this place.

Our martinis come and we wait a little bit. I excuse myself to use the mens room and blow a line of coke. I realized that in the downstairs bathroom their hot water doesn’t work. I had to wash my hands in cold water. Oh well I thought, whatever. I walk back to the table at the exact time the waiter is serving our steak. Perfect timing.

The waiter scooped the sides on my wife’s plate then mine. When he went for the steak I said I’ll get it. The steak already came cut so we could grab it right off the bone. This porterhouse was huge! One of the biggest I’ve seen. When it was served you could hear the meat still crackling, it was loud and it was directly right out of the broiler. I usually don’t get a steak to split, but these big porterhouses are more than enough.

I gave the first piece of filet to my wife then I had one. I bit into it and it was perfect. It was a medium all the way through, and the charred on top blended perfectly it didn’t taste like there were two different types of food in my mouth. It chewed smooth all the way through and I could taste the blending of the steak with the seasoning and char on it. You could really taste the tenderness and savor the juices in this cut. I had a bit of the sides and we finished up the filet. It went down so easily.

We started on the strip, flavor blended well also. But coming from a filet to a strip you can tell the difference in the firmness of the meat, it just chews harder. It wasn’t as soft a chew as the filet, but this is obvious and I know this is going to happen. It tasted great but I did have a couple stringy parts I had to take out of my mouth. We couldn’t finish the whole thing so we brought it home.

The waiter took our plates and packed them to go in the back. When he did we said I hope he included the bone. There was a lot of meat left on it. He gave us the bill and with tax it was $177. We also included a nice tip on it.

I got home and I started to eat more of the steak immediately. It was that good, I couldn’t wait for the leftovers tomorrow. My wife noticed that they didn’t include the bone. Oh well, the next day I still had a few slices of steak left. I put them in the Staub Cast Iron and ate it for breakfast. But left over steak really isn’t that good. I threw part of it away. I guess its good they didn’t pack the bone it wasn’t needed.

Over all this Steakhouse was amazing I would like to give it a 5 but I can’t. There was nothing wrong with it, it was definitely worth it and I will be back. I do think this is worth a…

4.5* Rating!!!!

Tony Roma’s-quick review

I was traveling through MN and we decided to stop at Mall of America.

We walked around the mall for a while and ended up just buying something from best buy. Besides the indoor carnival the mall really isn’t that impressive.

So after we wasted a few hours walking around I built up an appetite.

We went to the food area and I found Tony Roma’s. I looked at the menu and it had a few steak options on it. It also said they were famous for their steaks. Well here goes nothing. I order the strip and I asked does the chef cook dead on? or should I order a little more rare? She

actually told me to order a little rare. That’s not a good sign. So I order it mid-rare. The restaurant was set up just as you would expect a mall restaurant to look like with the service to match. After a little wait the dish comes. I take a few bites and I’m realizing that the

outside of the steak is burnt to a crisp and the inside is mid-rare. Here we go again I was thinking. So I’m starving I end up eating more than half. It was decently seasoned. But defiantly should have just got a burger and fries. Something that they couldn’t mess up.

This will not be on our recommended list and we’ll probably not return.

Again most places do not cook a decent steak. They are a rare find.

Taste- ** mid-rare
Atmosphere- **
Service- **

Gepperth’s Meat Market

Theres a traditional butcher shop in Lincoln Park-Chicago called Gepperth’s Meat Market, its a German theme butcher on Halsted. I wanted to get a porterhouse to celebrate the election and because we’re leaving to travel Asia soon, and we can’t get good steaks there. I walked in and it’s just a small shop but they have all kinds of meats there and it’s a very traditional shop. I ordered the porterhouse and the butcher cut it for me, an inch thick. He then trimmed some of the fat. The price for just the steak $38.

When he got back home we put a little oil in our Staub cast iron skillet and got it heated up. When I put the steak in I didn’t put any salt or pepper on it yet. I had the skillet on the burner at about a 5 for 3-4 minutes each side, then I seasoned with salt and pepper on one side and put it in the broiler for 5 minutes. A couple reasons for this is you don’t want too much seasoning on the steak, you wont be able to taste the meat. Also if you just season one side the pan will be easier to clean because theres just a little oil or butter on the bottom side.

It came out perfect red all the way through. I put it on a cutting board and cut a few slices in the steak, I started doing that after I saw that in a restaurant. It makes it easier to grab, and you can check the color of the cooking. I put the steak back in the pan and put the pan in the middle of the table. Started with two slices of filet and two of the strip. The filet was so good and easy to chew with a perfect medium cook. With the skillet right there you can cut a piece of steak and rub it in the skillet to get some more of the juices on it. The filet part went quick and its obviously much smaller than the strip. Just a nice soft chew and flavorful. With it only being seasoned on one side you have a much better meat to seasoning ratio. It was a perfect mix and I could really taste the meat. The strip was great too, defiantly a different cut of steak and some of the fat had to be trimmed off, but it chewed well and out side of some of the fat it went down easy and tasty. We had sides of corn and asparagus, and a glass of Makers Mark. With this steak the two main delicious points are that it was a great cut of steak and quality meat. Also I cooked it properly in a professional skillet and for the perfect amount of time.

The steak was great and butcher was nice and has everything you need with quality meats.

Overall this is

**** Taste
4/5 Mid-well. Very good!




Beutler Meats


So I’m in Lafayette IN,

I found a local butcher that seemed legit so I gave them a try.

I got 2 NY Strips and a Porterhouse for next week.

Put them in a cast iron skillet which I highly recommend. We’ll talk about that later.

Bought some seasoning for the steak and some green beans.

The strips were pretty affordable, around $8

I’ve been here for a couple weeks and have been eating steak from Kroger. Again we’ll talk about that later.

So I got to work, seasoned the steak, boiled up the beans and cracked a beer.

Within a few minutes the steak was ready.

Straight to the plate and got to work, cooked around mid to mid-well.

Actually I was surprised, it tasted very good. A common problem I come across when I eat out or cook at home, the steak will get a little stringy and I’ll have to spit a bit out. This did happen a couple times but over all it was delicious. Was juicy enough and not over cooked. When you cook you have to watch it constantly. Ok so a lot comes down to the proper cooking technique and the seasoning you use. When I thought I was full I had to eat a little more. Also the green beans that I bought, they tasted so fresh its been a while since I tasted fresh beans like that.

Now considering my geographic region and my limited options this was a great treat.

There was a great selection at this butcher and I was impressed.

If you’re around Lafayette/Purdue Univ. check these guys out

**** 4 Stars mid-well!



McGraws Steakhouse Lafayette, IN


I’m in lafayette again and I’m looking forward to getting a steak. I find out this city has only one steak house. We make reservations at McGraws and were able to get in at 9pm.
place was located on a long and windy road that was pitch black. We find it, and walked in to the place packed. Great, this must be good, or its the only place in town. We were seated and already knew what we wanted I got the NY strip mid-rare because I wanted a little taste of fat around the cut and my wife got the 8oz. filet mid-well.

I asked what the vegetable of the day was and the waiter told me it was a veggie mix. I immediately knew that it was pre-packaged and it came from a bag. You can tell right away if you’re at a quality dinning establishment when you order the salad or veggies. If they look like the bag you get at Kroger where everything is mixed from the factory and the mixed veggies are all cut the exact same. Or if the steamed vegetables come mixed and you don’t have a choice of what kind you want. Its probably not that great of a restaurant.

We order and I get the veggies and she gets the fries. I’m in panic mode, I’m sure I’ll be disappointed. The food comes and I cut the steak open and it was cooked proper. Take a couple bites, its ok but I realized its not heavily seasoned, and not juicy at all. When you order a mid-rare shouldn’t it be juicy and bloody? Theres something wrong with this. I take a few bites and its getting really stringy and I have to spit a few pieces out. Now proper manners I spit it in my napkin, but after a few times of having to do this, Im just pulling it out of my mouth and putting it on my plate. I’m pretty upset and the waiter hasn’t come by to check on us yet. There wasn’t even any good fat around the edges to bite on. Which for me defeats the whole point of getting a strip. I take a couple bites of the veggies and just as I suspected, not that good. They were definitely from a bag. I push the plate to the side, and drink my beer which is making me even colder because we were near a back door. So I don’t drink anymore and my steak is dry. I wait for my wife to finish and I know she never finishes her meal or drinks.

I start eating her filet. It was alright actually not great but alright. So I have a few bites of hers and the waited finally comes over I tell him mine was stringy, and dry. He apologizes and takes my plate.
We ask for the bill and I start eating the fries my wife got. They were thick steak cut fries which are usually amazing, just load them up with salt right? Im eating them and can’t believe they weren’t even fully cooked either!

The bill finally comes and he took the strip off the bill I still tip him well and just want to get out of there. We were cold and disappointed from the meal.

Well we learned a few things. You can tell a lot from the restaurant just by talking to the waiter.

He didn’t introduce himself
He didn’t tell us anything about the menu
When you ask about the vegetables if they’re premixed you know you’re in trouble.
I don’t think the waiter wanted to be there.
Also I’ve made this mistake before (Mt. Pleasant, MI) if you’re in a 2 horse town they probably don’t have a good steak house. Just go and get a burger or cook at home.

I should have taken pics but I didnt

I give this **

Eddie Merlos

We went to Eddie Merlos in Cincinnati, OH. We were told it was one of the best and the chef from Jeff Rubys started it. So I had to give it a try. Now I don’t know who actually owns it or runs it but I guess it doesn’t really matter. We obviously had reservations and got there a bit early to have some martinis. I had a couple drinks and the hostess comes up to my date and I and tells us our tables ready. Great, I said. I wanted to cash out at the bar and grab another olive so I did. I turned back around and the hostess was gone. What the hell? We waited around and took a few more sips of the drinks and finally we found a manager and told him what happened. He went and talked to her and told us there was a mix up. Whatever, I just want a steak but now I’m drunk and pissed off. So he takes us to our seats. Lets get to the point… I order the NY Strip my usual, and a salad (because I’m healthy).
The salad was just lettuce smothered in sauce.

The steak:

When the strip came I was so hungry, I ordered it medium as I usually do and I should have got mid-well. It was good not great. A bit stringy, but whenever this happens I always think I should have had it cooked longer. None the less it was too stringy and it came with a potato chip on the side, which I have never seen before.

Basically what I got out of this was a good steak, with a potato chip. A few good drinks, average service, and wishing I went to Jeff Rubys.

EMphoto 1

EMphoto 1-2

EMphoto 2-2

Mon Ami Gabi


Wow was I deceived. We went to this French restaurant for lunch; it’s in this amazing building that’s on the National Historic Register. Its in Lincoln Park Chicago and the area is so nice, right across from a flower park too. I though this place is going to be great.

Again with great expectations I always have great disappointments. We went in and the place was packed. I looked at the menu and a lot of it was written in French. The waitress comes to our table and tells us about a steak and egg special that they have. We both decided to get that cooked Medium.

Right after I ordered I thought I should have gone Mid-Rare because I had a strange feeling they were going to over cook.

So we waited for about 20 minutes and I asked the waitress if she had escargot. She said she’d check if they had any for lunch and they usually just have it for dinner. I told her its fine either way. So let me translate that for you – “We have some but we usually don’t have any thawed out until dinner time, let me see if they have any in the freezer that they can throw in the oven real quick.”

I knew I was in for it. So about 5 minutes later the steak comes, total wait time about 25. I cut into it and it was damn near well done. I couldn’t believe it, my wife cut hers and it was well done too.

We look at each other like of course this is happening. We were starving so we started eating. There was no flavor and it was very dry. They were soft and I could chew it, probably because it was the filet cut. But no juice coming out what so ever. Then just maybe 2-3 minuets later the escargot comes out. How was it prepared so fast? I knew they just took them out of the freezer and straight to the oven. That’s exactly what it tasted like. So I’m sure that’s what happened.

While I was in there I didn’t see one French person in the entire place. I know there aren’t French people cooking this food. Its probably American or Mexican born people. I have been to France before and this is not authentic food.

I couldn’t even finish the steak, so I try the fries and even they are over cooked. The French Fries in a French restaurant were over cooked! (Yes I know they call them frites). They were not tasty at all.

I tell the waitress about all this and she says “I’ll let the cook know.” She comes back and says “We can give you a complementary desert.” I say great. Ok I’m feeling better now, I get a crème brulee to go. I understand it has to be baked in that circle baking dish. But we get it to go and it looks like the cook just picked it up and threw it in the container. We get home and I take a bite of it and it tasted like Jello tapioca pudding.

I am so disappointed in this place, we’ve wanted to go here for a while and always drive pass it. It was such a build up, and ended up being a total let down.
Never going back.






St. Elmos

St. Elmo1

St. Elmo2

We went to St Elmos I’ve heard so much about.

Was in the dead of winter. A little late for the post.

They have been in business for over 100 years.

We had the strip and filet, also the ‘famous’ shrimp cocktail. That was way to hot and when my

mouth was burning they decided to grab my water and fill it up. You know I really hate when they

constantly fill your water 4,5 or more times during the dinner. So after they topped off my water

with out asking me for more I finally put out the fire in my mouth. Don’t get the stupid shrimp just

go with the steak.

Alright so the steak comes and I usually get a dirty dry martini with blue cheese olives in it. My cut the NY Strip comes.

I cut it open perfect medium cooked. Was delicious, almost perfectly grilled and juicy. It better

be they’ve been doing it forever. My date had the filet and completely enjoyed it. Standard sides the

potatoes and beans. I will definitely go back. This is one of the best. The only thing wrong was I did

get one or two chewy bites that I spit out in my napkin. I know this happens with steak but its always

a minor inconvenience.

The restaurant was nice and looked like a traditional old time steakhouse. The staff were nice and

the hostesses where really good looking.

We’ll be back soon and I’ll update you.

***** Well done 4.6 Stars

St. Elmo4St. Elmo5

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